The word “podcast” came from combining the word broadcasting with iPod. Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet, and became linked with the name iPod because initially, people downloaded these audio broadcasts to listen to on their iPods. Of course, these days, people are more likely to listen on their various “smart” devices.

In order to make posted audio and video files a true podcast, the proper technology needs to be in place to allow automated content downloading and syndication. Podcasts utilize software that can automatically download to a computer desktop, and then seamlessly be placed (synched) onto portable media devices. 

Feed-icon.svgPodcasting uses a process called Really Simple Syndication (RSS). A format or specification of XML used to create feeds for consumption by users. This is also the technology used in subscribing to blogs. RSS is familiar by the orange icon found in web browsers, blog and news sites.


Here is an example of a compelling Podcast:




Getting Started

YOUR NEW PODCAST CHECKLIST: Creating and maintaining a podcast is a lot of work. You want to make sure that you have defined content and goals, knowledge of your audience, a program format, and a plan for promoting your podcast. Use the list below to help you guide the launch your podcast:

___ Decide on your content, genre, show format and goals
___ Come up with logos, branding and website theme

Content Production
___ Decide on a media format (audio, video, electronic book)
___ Pick the tools and software necessary to create the media format selected
___ Create a first episode or introduction episode

___ Set up a website for your podcast
___ Set up a hosting service for your podcast media
___ Set up syndication for your podcast 
___ Publish your first episode

___ Set up web statistics 
___ Set up media download statistics 
___ Set up an audience survey 

___ Add your podcast to as many podcast directories as possible
___ Come up with a social media strategy
___ Setup a mailing list / newsletter

Resources For Creating Your Podcast




Audacity (freeware)

Podcasting Toolbox: 70+ Podcasting Tools and Resources

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