I am Michelle safely from Bura Girl’s High school. I joined SeaVuria last year and so far the experience is good. I participated in the Malaria project. I would like to thank the able team that sponsored us to go to Mombasa to present our project at the Kenya Science and Engineering Fair. We presented our project and that created awareness on unknown facts concerning Malaria. Whoever would like to join should be committed and should be enthusiastic to learn and also be social. The experience so far has been great. I have enjoyed the hangouts with the other students.

Thank you once more for the trip.



My name is Diana Ndeje. I am a senior student at Bura Girls’ High school. I would like  to really thank our sponsors, for giving us the chance to go to Mombasa for the Science fair  competitions. The competitions were tough but some of our projects proceeded to the next level. My stay there was of great importance. I managed to create awareness on the diseases that we did research on. My fellow students and l also talked to various people about  seavuria history and what it was all about. They said that it was really interesting and if they got a chance to, they would join it. Thanks to Mary Margaret and other sponsors support, we were really appreciated for the awareness we gave to the people of Mombasa. Joining  Seavuria in general has been the best thing that happened. I have learnt a lot from it including diseases that I had never heard of that is fistula. Most good moments were the Google hangouts with the Seattle students. I must say that these guys are so friendly and social. I really appreaciate their contribution in the various projects were participated in for those who would like to join Seavuria, I would advise thus who would like to join the project to be ready do  serious research  and be  commitment  to the project  and  they find science to be fun and not as gloomy as we are meant to belief sometimes, you will learn a lot from it. Thank you.



My name is Mary Kitheka. I am currently a senior student at Bura Girls’ High School where I got an opportunity of joining Sea Vuria. This year I participated in the tuberculosis project. Recently we went to Mombasa for the science fair. We presented the project infront of other students, teachers and other guests. We thank Mary Margaret and other members of this organization for their support. Last year I participated in Fistula. These projects have enabled me learn more about the diseases. Memorable moments were Seattlewho are very friendly and respond faster to e-mails. Those who would like to join, should be friendly, social and committed to conduct research.



I am Bridgita Mnyiva, senior a student at Bura Girls’ High school. I got an opportunity to join Sea Vuria at my junior year and the experience ever since has been amazing.  This year I participated in the Tuberculosis project, recently we went to Mombasa for the science fair. There I was able to present the project infront of other students. I am very grateful to the Sea Vuria organization who sponsored us during that trip and thank them for their support too.  Mombasa, I was also able to create awareness about the Sea Vuria organization and shared its history and what it was all about. Most said that it sounded really interesting and if they got a chance, they would join. Being a participant of Sea Vuria has enabled me to learn more about diseases I have never heard of (Fistula). The most wacky moments were having Google hangouts with friendly warm and social this guys are. We have shared and learnt a lot from each other through gmail chats also. To those who would like to join. I  would advice them to be social, friendly and participate actively for the benefits of everyone.




I am Gloria Seluya a senior student at Bura Girls High School. I joined Sea Vuria last year but one. I participated in the Malaria project. While in Mombasa, I presented the Malaria project to an audience. Most of them were not aware of the effects of Malaria, through my presentation I created awareness. Students were not aware of what Sea Vuria is. I was able to give valid details about the organization. They grew a sence of interest and were willing to be part of Sea Vuria. While in Mombasa, I met and made new friends. I learnt how to present a project which boosted  my confidence to talk before others.  For those joining  there is a lot to learn and also it helps to ignite the passion of science in us  which we are sometimes misled that it’s a males  field. From the research and interactions you come to love and cherish science and start being part of those who move the world since it is moved by science. I also got know that a lot is required to eradicate diseases and the you generation need to be sensitized that they have a great role to play to ensure humans health is maintained.  Thanks to you, for sponsoring us to Mombasa I had a great time and got more exposed.



My name is Damans Zighe a senior student in Bura Girls High School joined sea vuria last year. I participated in a malaria project. I do research with my fellow students and also presentations. I would like to pass my heartfelt gratitude to you people for sponsoring us to attend the regional science congress fair that was hold at Mombasa. What I did most was responding to people’s questions. Starting from what the club means, why we had attended the congress and even why we were selected. I also collected some information about my project from other students who had maybe had done some research. When I was in Mombasa I learnt that we are all intelligent and innovative. I saw many projects that aim at helping the society. The presenters were not scientists but students like me and this made me conclude that we all have the ability. My advice to the senior students who wish to join sea vuria is that: they should be hardworking and friendly to people in order for them to gather more information in their research.



I’m Kelly Nerima a senior student at Bura Girls High School. I have been a member of sea vuria since I was a junior this year. I took part in the malaria project. I am grateful to our sponsors for supporting our trip to Mombasa for the science fair during the time we got to interact with other students in the region, presented our project to them and shared what sea vuria was all about. They shared with us their experiences on malaria and also presented their various projects to us. There were different categories like computer science, Biology, food technology, physics and many more. I really got to learn a lot from all this in the previous years.  I have taken part in the fistula and water project and it has been a wonderful experience of research and discovering new things. I like the fact that the students from Seattle are very friendly and social. I enjoyed each of our Google hangouts and appreciate their quick response to emails. I advice anyone aspiring to join to dorsa they will have fun learn a lot during research and make friends. It’s an exciting and interesting experience and lots of exposure. In future if this can be extended to the  KSEF nationals  it can go a long way in fulfilling the saying YOUR WORLD IS AS BIG AS YOU HAVE TRAVELLED. Being in my final year I will really miss this not forgetting students participating in seavuria  activities are highly respected by others and there is a lot of interest to join.



I am Missylyne Karimi, currently a senior student at Bura Girls High School. Joining sea vuria is one of the best things I did as a junior. The experience so far has been amazing. We are grateful to our sponsors and I really thank them for their support. Recently we got a chance to attend a science fair in Mombasa and we learnt a lot.  I was participating in the malaria project. During the science fair, I got interact with many students and also adults creating awareness of the disease. We got to interact socially with other people and we had fun. I would like to ask all young people aspiring to join sea vuria, to take it with a lot of passion and enjoy every activity they carry out. Sea vuria is incredible.

Thank you.

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